George Shen Ministry Scholarship

W4CAA now offers the George Shen Ministry Scholarship based on your talents in Christian service, zeal in campus evangelism, commitment in leading inductive Bible study, academic achievements, and financial need.

The scholarship is set up in memory of brother George Shen (1946–2021), a faithful servant of God who was devoted to evangelism and discipleship ministry among Chinese students.


Candidate must demonstrate:

  1. talents in Christian service, such as in leadership, music, interpersonal relationship, or communication;
  2. zeal in campus evangelism;
  3. continual commitment in leading inductive Bible study, preferably in both Cantonese and English;
  4. academic achievements; and 
  5. financial need.

Candidate must be enrolled in an undergraduate program at a 2- or 4-year college in North America, or in a graduate program at a research university or seminary in North America. An applicant who expects to be enrolled in the following academic term may apply, but any scholarship or support awarded will not take effect until enrollment is confirmed.

Scholarship Award

Scholarship recipient will:

  1. be awarded partial or full support, such as a voucher for his tuition or his room and board, for a specified number of semesters or quarters (amount awarded will be based on financial need);
  2. be invited to apply for scholarship renewal if he remains eligible per Eligibility above, and has completed AA Inductive Bible Study Leader certification.


An applicant should:

  1. fill out an application form (including personal information, church information, and college information), explaining his eligibility per Eligibility above (forms can be obtained from;
  2. sign the form and submit it to Scholarship Dept, W4CAA, C/O Dr Tony Chan, 170 E. Yorba Linda Blvd., Suite 380, Placentia, CA 92870.

Hong Kong Bible Conference 2021

第九十三屆港九培靈研經會 Hong Kong Bible Conference 8月1~10日直播及重溫
歡迎參加!An English session is held daily at 23:00 EDT live and then available on YouTube for 48 hours. 各場(粵語/國語)聚會完結後,將提供48小時限時重溫,敬請留意。 請依照聚會時間按上面連結收看直播或錄影。

Announcing the 2021 Thematic Bible Conference

Last year, at our annual Thematic Bible Conference in the summer, we finished our three-year study of the Gospel of Luke; this year, we will begin studying the Acts of the Apostles at the Thematic Bible Conference from 2021 to 2024. Because of the ongoing pandemic, we will hold the conference physically in Northern California only, and online again everywhere else as we did in 2020, and it will be 29–31 May 2021.

The portion of Acts we will be looking at this year is 1.1–6.7, covering God’s mission to the Jews in Jerusalem; for this portion, we have confirmed Alastair Roberts as a keynote speaker for the third consecutive year, picking up where we left off at the end of Luke:

We can be tempted to regard the book of Acts as if it were merely a long fade-out coda to the New Testament story, entirely secondary to the narrative of the gospels, where the real importance lies. If the Gospels tell of the advent and work of Christ, however, the book of Acts narrates the advent and work of his Spirit, in a mission that arises from and continues the work of Christ in his earthly ministry. Through attention to the motifs, types, echoes. narrative patterns, and parallel structures of the opening chapters of Acts, the careful reader will be equipped to perceive the deeper significance and theology of the Church which animates much of the rest of the New Testament.

Our volunteers have been hard at work to prepare the conference’s several inductive Bible studies and other content, so we covet your prayers for their work, that the Lord may give them wisdom and perseverance.

The registration form should be ready in about one week, so stay tuned. Update, 22 March 2021: Registration is now open. We hope to see you at the Thematic Bible Conference this May!