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Inductive Bible Study Training Videos


Kingdom Evangelism Materials

See for materials mentioned in Dr Richard Yen’s 2023 TBC talk “Him, I Declare Unto You”.

2013 Thematic Bible Conference Videos

  1. Introduction to Olivet Discourse and Apocalyptic Writings (English, 粵語, 華語);
  2. Evaluating Different Views of End Times (English);
  3. How to Study Jesus’ Parables (English);
  4. Implications of Christ’s Second Coming (English).

Popular Files

Power of Communications Training

Christine and Jim Hsia’s presentation from their April 2012 WCCCC planning committee training.

Enjoyable Personal Evangelism

Richard Yen’s presentation, handouts, and script (English, English & Chinese) from his February 2012 workshop in Alhambra.

See also these Chinese videos on Personal Evangelism: 華語, 華語示範.

What’s Next? Advanced Christian Education

Christine and Jim Hsia’s presentation and handout from their workshop given at the 2010 WCCCC Winter Conference.

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