Thematic Bible Conference

Register now for the 2019 conference.

W4CAA will hold its annual Thematic Bible Conference in Princeton this Memorial Day long weekend, 25–27 May 2019, to the theme ‘Luke: Jesus on the Way to Jerusalem’. We encourage all to attend at the main site in Princeton, but participation is also available at our satellite sites or through your own Internet connection.

Please register below if possible; walk-in registration at the main site will be available at the Erdman Center in Princeton, and at satellite sites as well. Attention: Please bring an Internet-capable laptop 💻📡 to the conference if possible; we will be doing and checking textual-analysis work on computers.

Advertisement for 2019 Thematic Bible Conference. Learn to lead an inductive Bible study – or sharpen your skills – and actually study the middle part of Luke with your brethren in Christ, with background taught by Alastair Roberts (Ph.D., Durham). Sanctify these two days with scriptural sacrifices of Morning and Evening Prayer according to the Anglican tradition’s Book of Common Prayer, and learn a metrical psalm you can teach your church to sing.
Advertisement for 2019 Thematic Bible Conference (pdf).

The 2019 Thematic Bible Conference, ‘Jesus on the Way to Jerusalem’ (Luke 9.51–19.27), continues the study of the Gospel of Luke from the 2018 conference (Jesus in Galilee, 1.1–9.50); we will finish this study of Luke at the 2020 conference (Jesus in Jerusalem, 19.28–24.53). The plan thereafter is to continue on to the Acts of the Apostles, which was Luke’s sequel to his Gospel.

For reference, you may also see our pages for the conferences we held in 2017 and 2016, on the Gospel of Mark.

Conference schedules and locations

Princeton Main Site

The conference’s main site is at the Erdman Center.

The conference schedule at this site is as follows:

Day 1: 25 May (Sat.) Event
11:30–12:30 Registration During 🍴 lunch hour
12:30–14:00 Bible study training 1
14:00–14:30 Opening ceremony
14:30–16:00 Live talk Alastair Roberts
16:00–17:00 Taped talk Peter Wong
17:00–18:30 Bible study 1
18:30–19:30 🍴 Dinner
19:30–20:00 Evening Prayer By the 1662 Prayer Book
20:00–21:30 Bible study leader training 2 Sundown 🌇 at 20:17

On Sunday, the schedule includes morning and evening worship services as well as a sermon:

Day 2: 26 May (Sun.) Event
08:30–09:00 🍴 Breakfast
09:00–09:30 Morning Prayer By the 1662 Prayer Book
09:30–11:00 Bible study 2
11:00–11:30 Bible study leader training 3a
11:30–12:30 🍴 Lunch
12:30–13:30 Bible study leader training 3b
13:30–14:30 Worship and sermon
14:30–16:00 Live talk Alastair Roberts
16:00–17:00 Taped talk Peter Wong
17:00–18:30 Bible study 3
18:30–19:30 🍴 Dinner
19:30–20:00 Evening Prayer By the 1662 Prayer Book
20:00–21:30 Bible study 4 Sundown 🌇 at 20:18

Monday, Memorial Day, is the last day of the conference:

Day 3: 27 May (Mon.) Event
08:30–09:00 🍴 Breakfast
09:00–09:30 Morning Prayer By the 1662 Prayer Book
09:30–11:00 Bible study 5
11:00–12:30 🍴 Lunch
12:30–14:00 Live talk 3 Contributed talks
14:00–15:30 Bible study 6
15:30–16:00 Closing See Princeton afterward!

California Sites

We have sites in northern California and southern California. The conference is set tentatively to run Saturday, 9:00–20:00; Sunday, 9:00–21:30; and Monday, 9:00–13:00.

The Bay Area site is at St Paul’s Anglican Church, Los Altos:

The Los Angeles area site is at Truth Theological Seminary, Arcadia, in Room 201:

Oxford, England

In Oxford, the conference is set tentatively to run Saturday, 11:30–21:00; Sunday, 13:30–21:30; and Monday, 14:30–21:00.


Alastair Roberts, PhD Dunelm., is our main plenary speaker. Dr Roberts is a Teaching Fellow of the Theopolis Institute and the Davenant Institute, a leading evangelical blogger and writer, and one of the hosts of the Mere Fidelity podcast. He has lectured in Christian Ethics at London Seminary, and is author of two books from Crossway: Echoes of Exodus: Tracing Themes of Redemption through Scripture (2018) and Heirs Together: A Theology of the Sexes (forthcoming 2019). He blogs at and also serves as Editor of the Politics of Scripture section of Political Theology Today.

Peter Wong is a Bible teacher, general secretary, and founder of Hadavar Yeshiva (For the Nations). His passion for teaching the Scripture in its original context has become a life’s journey of research and ministry, bringing to our Christian faith the unique perspective of understanding its Hebraic roots. He has been blessed with friendships with distinguished scholars in this field and studied at the Jewish Theological Seminary, the Institute for Hebraic-Christian studies, and the Biblical Life College and Seminary. Peter is passionate that all Christian believers should know our rabbi Jesus. Inspired by the Lord in his first trip to the Holy Land in 2004, Peter has turned his home into a museum for biblical artifacts and a garden for biblical plants. Christians of all ages can now see, touch, smell, and even taste Scripture. Today, his home museum and biblical garden has become Hadavar Biblical World 夏達華聖經世界 in Hong Kong. Peter also leads study tours to the Holy Land and Turkey, with a passion to inspire others to study Scripture in its cultural context.


Registration for the 2019 conference is now available. Please register and pay as soon as you can, so that you don’t miss the deadline! Make checks out to West Coast Chinese Christian Conference Alumni Association and mail them by 15 May, or bring a check to the conference.

Student volunteers shall pay the standard student registration fee up front and receive a $30 rebate at the conference provided that they attend the full conference and volunteer their help with registration and arranging meals.

 Early (by 5 May) Regular
Adults $90 (£70) $120 (£93)
Students and unemployed $45 (£35) $60 (£47)
Student volunteers $15 (£12) $30 (£24)

🍴 Breakfast is included in registration; for 🍴 lunch and dinner, you may choose to chip in, eat on your own, or fast.

Those who register to attend the conference remotely will need high-speed Internet to connect to the conference.


Conference attendees who require lodging in Princeton will need to book their own rooms at the Erdman Center, where the conference will be held. Rates at the Erdman Center are more reasonable than many elsewhere in Princeton.