Bible Study Leader Certification

Sign up for a training session! From 2010 to 2016, we trained 133 leaders and certified 27; since then, we have trained many more. For more training sessions, write to Tony Chan for details. Tentative online schedule:

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Textual grammatical analysis
Group dynamics

Program Registration and Details

  1. Register on this Google form.
  2. Begin viewing Bible Study Leader Certification Program training videos.
  3. Complete a textual grammatical analysis on Matthew 24–25, or on alternative passages approved by the instructors.
  4. Create a question set on the same passage.
  5. Register your progress online.
  6. Sign up and submit your questions to tutors (in English, Cantonese, or Mandarin).
  7. Lead three Bible study sessions.

About the Program

The WCCCC has, in the past four decades, trained many Chinese Christians to excel in leading small-group Bible studies using the inductive approach. The Bible Study Leader Certification (BSLC) is a formal recognition by W4CAA of persons who have demonstrated proficiency in leading inductive Bible studies and in having a comprehensive “body of knowledge” (BOK) about inductive Bible studies.


The training that leads to the BSLC is provided online. Trainees can acquire the BOK through lectures, exercises, reviews, and practices at their own individual pace. The total time to complete the program we estimate at 24 hours. W4CAA provides tutors who can coach the trainee over the course of the training program. All trainees have first to do their homework – which is to prepare a textual analysis of three selected Bible passages and a corresponding set of Bible study questions – and then to lead three small-group studies.

W4CAA has provided this training on both coasts of the United States. If your church or fellowship group is interested, W4CAA will work with you to co-ordinate the following program activities:

  1. Video training presentations (about 4 hours):
    7 videos, each video 30–45 minutes.
  2. Textual grammatical analysis of three Bible passages (about 6 hours):
    about 2 hours per passage.
  3. Question set creation for the three Bible passages (about 6 hours):
    about 2 hours per passage.
  4. Coaching, feedback, and a pilot study (about 4 hours):
    about 2 hours’ Q & A and about 2 hours’ pilot study with feedback.
  5. Delivery of three Bible studies (about 4 hours):
    a little more than 1 hour per passage.

Scholarship for Bible Study Leaders

Disputation with the Doctors

The W4CAA also has a supplemental program: Scholarship for Bible Study Leaders. This scholarship provides financial assistance for trained Christians to serve at the annual W4C December conference as small-group BSLs. This allows the trainees of our BSLC to use the inductive approach with people whom they have not met before and to broaden their perspectives on God’s Kingdom. The experience will enrich the trainee and will help develop his ministry when he returns to his home church.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is this Bible Study Leader Certification Program (BSLCP)?
A: This Certification Program trains a student to become an effective small group Bible study leader. He can use the skills to serve in the church. Some graduates will be invited to lead small-group Bible studies at the annual W4C (West Coast Chinese Christian Conference), held in December on Mount Hermon, California.

Q: Is there any cost to this program?
A: This program is free.

Q: What languages are the videos in?
A: Cantonese, English, and Mandarin Chinese.

Q: Do you provide on-site training?
A: The program is designed to be conducted online, allowing maximum individual flexibility. Schedule permitting, we are also willing to send a teacher to your location to answer any additional questions your group may have.

Q: How do I register?
A: Sign up online, on this page.

Q: I want to sign up my fellowship group. After registration, will each person get his own access to the online training, or will it be a group access?
A: Access to the videos will be public. You can do the training by yourself or as a group during fellowship. If you do it individually, then you can work at your own pace; if you do it as a group, you may discuss the lessons with each other to enhance the learning experience.

Q: How much time am I expected to spend on the program?
A: The amount of time a student spends will depend on his familiarity with the Bible and on how much he enjoys leading Bible studies. Many students find that they enjoy it so much that they are not counting the hours, but rather every minute they invest in the study of God’s word is worth it. Typically there will be 6 videos to watch, which will take about 4 hours in all. The time needed to complete the rest of the homework depends entirely on the student.

Q: How many parts are there in this program?
A: The program has three parts. The first part is to watch the videos. Each video is about 35 to 45 minutes long. You can watch them any time you want. For the second part, the student has to write the textual analysis on 3 Bible passages and produce a set of questions for each passage. The third part requires the student to recruit one or more people to form a small group and lead a simple Bible study with the group.

Q: How much time do I have to finish the program?
A: Four months. The February session is scheduled to finish in June, and the June session in October.

Q: Will I get any help along the way during the program?
A: During the program, a couple of online discussion sessions will be held for trainees to ask instructors questions using online tools such as GoToMeeting or conference calls. Go to for instructions on signing up and ask the instructors your questions.

Q: How do I qualify for the $100 Scholarship for Bible Study Leaders?
A: To qualify, you need to complete the W4CAA Bible Study Leader Certification Program requirements and attend the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference (WCCCC) as a full-time conferee while serving as a Bible study leader. For details about the W4C December conference, visit the WCCCC website.

Q: When will I receive the Bible Study Leader Certificate?
A: All the enrollees who start in one calendar year will receive their certificates at the December WCCCC on Mount Hermon, California, in that same year. Those who cannot attend WCCCC will have their certificates mailed to them at the mailing addresses they have provided to us.

Q: Do you have more than one certification program?
A: Yes, we intend to have several certification programs on specific areas of study, such as the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5–7), or the Olivet Discourse (Matthew 24–25), as well as on personal evangelism and other topics of importance to Christian growth and church development.

If you have further questions or suggestions, please write to Tony Chan.

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