2016 Bible Study Leader Certification Program

A certificate and a scholarship of $100 will be awarded to those who join the Bible Study Leader Certification (BSLC) program and serve as small-group Bible study leaders at the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference (WCCCC, or W4C). See details below and RSVP with this form.

For additional program details, contact Tony Chan.

The W4C has, in the past four decades, trained many Chinese Christians to excel in leading small-group Bible studies using the inductive approach. The Bible Study Leader Certification (BSLC) is a formal recognition by W4CAA of persons who have demonstrated proficiency in leading inductive Bible studies and in having a comprehensive “body of knowledge” (BOK) about inductive Bible studies.

The training that leads to the BSLC is provided online. Trainees can acquire the BOK through lectures, exercises, reviews, and practices at their own individual pace. The total time to complete the program we estimate at 24 hours. W4CAA provides tutors who can coach the trainee over the course of the training program. All trainees have first to do their homework – which is to prepare a textual analysis of three selected Bible passages and a corresponding set of Bible study questions – and then to lead three small-group studies.

If your church or fellowship group is interested, W4CAA will work with you to co-ordinate the following program activities:

  1. Video training presentations (about 4 hours):
    7 videos, each video 30–45 minutes.
  2. Textual grammatical analysis of three Bible passages (about 6 hours):
    about 2 hours per passage.
  3. Question set creation for the three Bible passages (about 6 hours):
    about 2 hours per passage.
  4. Coaching, feedback, and a pilot study (about 4 hours):
    about 2 hours’ Q & A and about 2 hours’ pilot study with feedback.
  5. Delivery of three Bible studies (about 4 hours):
    a little more than 1 hour per passage.

The W4CAA also has a supplemental program: Scholarship for Bible Study Leaders. This scholarship provides financial assistance for trained Christians to serve at the annual W4C December conference as small-group BSLs. This allows the trainees of our BSLC to use the inductive approach with people whom they have not met before and to broaden their perspectives on God’s Kingdom. The experience will enrich the trainee and will help develop his ministry when he returns to his home church.

If you have questions, please write to Dr. Tony Chan.

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