Chinese Bible Mission Church (CBMC)
200 W. Commonwealth Avenue
Alhambra, CA 91801


Conference schedule

PDT 2 July (Sat.)
9:00 Morning Prayer (worship)
10:00 Study: Mark 1:14–28
11:00 Scripture Exposé (Mr. Alley)
Noon Lunch*
1:00 Jesus on Divorce (Dr. Yen)
2:00 Study: Mark 8:27–38
3:00 Scripture Exposé (Mr. Alley)
4:00 Study: Mark 10:17–31
5:00 Genesis and Genetics (Dr. Yen)
6:00 Evening Prayer (worship)
7:00 Dinner*

* Lunch and dinner costs will be shared by those who choose to do so.

Bible study leader training, which is available on site in Princeton, will for Alhambra participants be provided at a later date to be determined.

Registration and payment

Register online for Saturday, 2 July, as an on-site participant in Alhambra; if you wish to take part in the conference on Sunday as well, register again for Sunday, 3 July, as an online individual participant (if you register for both days, you will receive a 33% rebate for 3 July).

Members of CBMC should choose to pay by check and hand-deliver checks at church.

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