Chinese Online Worship, 22 March 2020








序樂 《主在聖殿中》 會眾默禱
宣召 詩篇 95:6–7 眾立
祈禱 眾立
頌讚 《這是天父世界》
讀經 羅馬書 3:9–20
講道 全人類有罪 劉健全牧師證道
回應詩 《我罪極重》 眾立
堂會報告 劉健全牧師
祈禱 疫情中求平安 李志成博士
三一頌 《讚美一神》 眾立
祝福 眾立
阿門頌 眾立
殿樂 默禱

Online Worship for Shut-ins, 15 March 2020

Video for online worship on 15 March 2020 is embedded below:

You may also open the video in YouTube itself, whether on your smartphone or on your PC, and cast it onto your TV set.

Our next online worship is scheduled for 22 March 2020 at 10:00 Eastern Daylight Time.

Please continue to give your offerings to the local churches to which you belong, that the ministry of the Church may not be hindered by plague, but may continually extend the love of Christ to those who are suffering. If you are unable to give to your churches while the plague goes on, W4CAA accepts the donations you may feel led to give.

We ask you to pray for China and all the nations whom the Lord has allowed to be afflicted with this pestilence: that we the Church in all these countries may bewail our sins among the people, and turning to the Lord may live as his crucified body in the world; that the governors of the nations may respond wisely and virtuously to the needs of both soul and body; that the physicians, nurses, and others who tend to the sick may be strengthened; and that those who suffer may know the Christ who has entered suffering with them.

Coming Soon: Online Sunday Services for Shut-ins

For those who are unable to attend their regular church services, on account of the COVID-19 Wuhan coronavirus – as well as for other shut-ins, including any women who are lying in (in postpartum confinement) for recovery from childbirth – we are planning to offer Sunday services online in Chinese. Stay tuned!

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