Gift Certificates

Come to W4CAA’s events and save up to $30 at the West Coast Chinese Christian Conference (WCCCC) in addition to any discounts.

Receiving gift certificates

This year, W4CAA will offer $10 gift certificates that can be redeemed at the WCCCC on Mount Hermon. Each person who attends any of the W4CAA events will receive one certificate from each of the events. These events include the AA reunion in February, the evangelism training in May, and the Thematic Bible Conference in July.

You may combine multiple certificates from different events up to the value of $30. Each certificate must be validated and issued (or else transferred) in your name.

Transferring gift certificates

Email with a copy (or photo) of your gift coupon and the name and email address of the new recipient. You must request the transfer before 1 December. Your own gift certificate will be cancelled once the transfer is complete.

Redeeming gift certificates

Register with the WCCCC and pay the normal fee with any applicable discounts (e.g. early-bird, group, scholarship). During the conference, bring the original certificate, with both your name badge and your meal card, to the WCCCC Alumni Association booth during free time.